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How to Apply for a Grant

1. Submit a Letter of Intent that: describes the project or activity; describes how the project/activity fits the WCCHF mission and goals; gives an estimate of the amount to be requested. Submit the letter of intent to the Executive Director, Shealynn Shave at Letters of Intent deadlines are February 1st and August 1st of each year.

2. If the preliminary statement of the project/activity is accepted, you will be asked to complete the Grant Application below. The Foundation's acceptance of the Preliminary Statement of the proposed project/activity and request for the completion and submission of a Grant Application, does not guarantee your funding request will be automatically approved. The Program Committee will evaluate the proposed project/activity in April and October of each year.

Download the .pdf application

Before completing the grant application, be sure to:

  • Read all instructions thoroughly before beginning.
  • Be thorough. Do not skip questions unless they in no way apply to your request.
  • Avoid repetition of ideas.
  • Be concise, yet informative in your proposal. Writing a clean, understandable narrative is key.

Grant Applications will be reviewed by the Foundation at its regularly scheduled meetings. Deadlines for grant applications will be March 31st and September 30th of each year. A funding decision approximately 1-2 weeks from the review meeting date will be made, unless additional information is needed to evaluate the application. Funds will be made available within 4 months of the funding decision. Due to the Foundation's desire to fund as many worthwhile programs as possible, requests for capital improvements will not be considered at this time. Please note, our Foundation is 'temporarily' limiting grants to under $5,000.00.

Please send your completed Application to:

Wyoming County Community Health Foundation
5954 SR
Tunkhannock, PA
Phone 570-996-1645
Fax 570-836-4569

                                        Grant Review Scoring Rubric:


Weighting Factor



1) Meets a significant Wellness and/or Health Care Need in the Community


2) Number of People Served


3) Significant Impact on People's Lives


4) Systematic Improvement vs. Band-Aid or Token Effort


5) Partners with Other Community Resources


6) Addresses Multiple Community Needs (such as Health Care Access, Drug Abuse, Mental Health, Family Health, Poverty, Drop-Out Prevention,Nutrition, Suicide, Health Care Education, Employment) To Maximize Return for Investment


7) Helps Sustain Community Hospital


8) Enhances WCCHF Reputation and Provides Results Which Support Planned Giving from Members of the Community


9) Professional Execution of the Initiative (Leadership, Proven Results, Strong Grant Application)


10) Cost Benefit (Affordability, Total cost and Cost Per Person Served)


11) Total Cost (Grant Amount Requested - WCCHF Grant Budget)


12) Application Reflects the Use of Evidence-Based Best Practices






ToBe Fit challenges the students at Lackawanna Trail to continue to eat healthy and to stay fit! 

The Foodplay Production was FANTASTIC! -- Suzanne Young, 3rd grade teacher at Roslund Elementary

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Recent Grant Awards

Wyoming County EMS Consortium - Covid-19 Assistance for PPE & Foggers for 8 Local Ambulance Associations.

AllOne Chairities - Healthcare Career Programmatic Partnership with NTIEC

Commission on Economic Opportunity - CEO/Weinberg Food Bank (Covid-19 Response)

Family Service Association of NEPA - 211 Helpline Funding

Rural Health Corporation - Shingles Vaccination Project


Q & A

What is a foundation?

A foundation is a non-governmental entity that is established as a nonprofit corporation or a charitable trust, with a principal purpose of making grants to unrelated organizations...



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